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Brownie Barks on Obedience

I have a question for you…it has to do with obedience. Dogs are supposed to be so obedient and we even go to classes called “Obedience Class” so we can become even more obedient. Now most of you know me by now. I am generally pretty obedient. When the Rev wants me to come with her or get in the car or come to the office, I am usually pretty obedient, (I might have to smell a couple more shrubs on the way to church, but I am just checking to see who has been visiting.)

So here’s the deal. I got into that tangle with the bobcat last month and I had to keep those bandages on my leg for weeks! The Rev picked me up and put me into a big sink and washed my leg and rebandaged it for weeks! It was weeks. Get it? Even so, I left the bandages alone and did not chew them at all! Oh! She did try to make me wear the “cone of shame.” Well, I wouldn’t even stand up with that ridiculous
get-up on. I mean, I was going to be obedient and wear it… I just wasn’t going to move. See, like I said. Obedient to the core. Well, most of the time. For you see, my injury was nearly healed, and they kept putting the bandage on, and I knew fresh air was best at this point… so I finally gave in and chewed it off.

Brother-Brownie-in-castI was disobedient and I feel badly about that. There were chewed-up bandages everywhere. And I really don’t like being disobedient; I feel guilty. Found myself wondering what Christ teaches about obedience and guilt. It’s amazing how Jesus teaches us about almost any
subject with which we might need help. First, Jesus models the behavior in Luke 2:51 when he slipped away from his parents and then was obedient to them. In John 14:23 again, it’s pretty clear. Jesus says, “Those who love me will keep my word….” We need to be obedient and I suppose I was not obedient to the Rev.

And then the guilt—well, we will all have guilt from time to time. Because we all make mistakes. The beauty of our Savior is His teaching on forgiveness. Jesus was and remains a ministry of forgiveness. As we begin our new year together, let’s consider forgiveness as we start everything freshly and with love.

I will try to be obedient. And when I fail, I will be forgiven and can begin again—which means I shall also forgive others and do my best to remain obedient.

God loves you and all His creatures, including me.

Blessed Christmas Friends,