Come Worship!

Are you missing something in your life? No matter what you do or don’t do, is there still an empty feeling in your heart? Come worship with us and let us get to know you a bit. You never know. You just might like it here.

We don’t pretend to know everything about you, but we’d like to. We are an open community that values individuality and creativity and personality. We love to spend time together and learn about one another in our little community of faith. But we’re missing someone. We’re missing you.

Worship services at St. Bartholomew Episcopal Church are at 10:00 am on Sunday Mornings. We are a Bible-based church that follows the rich liturgy that is part of the Episcopal Church and the Anglican tradition. But we’re not too stuffy and we like to have fun, too!

In addition to the worship services, we offer Sunday school for children. We join after the services for fellowship in the parish hall. We generally have snacks, coffee for the adults, and punch for the little ones. We are a church in Hempstead open to serving all God’s children, regardless of background or circumstances. God’s love and grace are powerful guiding forces for Saint Bartholomew and its parishioners.

The Liturgy

We follow the traditional Rite II worship service (and sometimes Rite I when we are feeling a little more formal). We celebrate the Eucharist (Communion) as found in the 1979 Episcopal Book of Common Prayer. Our liturgy includes an Old Testament reading, the recitation of a Psalm, an Epistle reading, and a reading from the Gospels. We are currently without a permanent priest, but we have the pleasure of Fr. Frank Hawkins each Sunday for the sermon. He brings a broad background to the table, having served in the US Marine Corps and with the US Border Patrol.

The worship service includes Communion every Sunday. All baptized Christians are invited to partake of the host and the wine. Unbaptized believers are invited to the altar to receive a blessing.

Come see us at Saint Bartholomew whenever you are in Hempstead. We have been a cornerstone of Hempstead and Waller County since 1858, and we always welcome guests and new parishioners. We hope to see you soon!