Morning Prayer Service for May 3, 2020

Photo of the Saint Bartholomew church bell
Photo of the Saint Bartholomew church bell taken on Easter Sunday, 2020. The bell was donated to the church by Mary Ann Peebles after the first church building was completed in 1872.

Good afternoon!

Although local and state officials are loosening requirements for staying at home, Saint Bartholomew’s church is following the recommendations of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas to delay full re-engagement of Sunday worship until we can take steps to ensure everyone’s safety.

We are in the process of meeting all the criteria set forth by the diocese designed to keep all of us safe. We will be sending updates as joint Sunday worship gets closer. For now, we will continue to conduct virtual worship services via Facebook Live.

Here is all the info you need to participate in morning prayer this week:

The full St. Bartholomew Facebook address is https://www.facebook.com/stbarthempstead/ .

Again, if you are having trouble viewing the current morning prayer video, try navigating away from the Facebook page and then going back to it. Sometimes the live video feed lags a bit.

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